Tameer "Building up the Church"

Our Vision

The Church follows Christ in the practice of everyday life.

Tameer aims to train church leadership in skills needed to fulfil their ministry in an effective way. So they are able to address the needs of all church groups or all employees within an organisation, adopting a Christ – like Servant Leadership.

The Cornerstone

To be disciples, we must first be disciples ourselves and follow Christ. We strongly uphold the belief that what we teach, we must also proclaim and live out in our actions.

Transformational teaching style

Using challenging questions and reflection in our training sessions.
Teach skills participants practice during and after the training.
Each training session has a follow-up and refresher after 1-2 months

Leadership Growth

Leaders that focus on growth for the team and new team members

Team members that trust each other, serve each other and be an example for the community they work with. 

Biblical based

The Bible is the starting point and guideline for all our training sessions.

This can either be leadership, assertiveness and women rights or conflict management.


We aim for a high standard of all our facilitators and course developers. This high standard needs to be seen in Christian ethics, in our training sessions and modules and relationship with people around us. Therefore ongoing education in and outside Tameer of all staff members is a must.

Discipleship in all training sessions

We are disciples of Christ as church members, but also as leaders. 
Discipling means to guide people in making their own choices, how to follow Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in relationship with God the Father.

Contextual theology

All training sessions are firmly based within the Pakistani culture and immediate context of people.

We use case studies and role play out of the context of our participants. Biblical application happens in the context of people.

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