Living Stones in Christ

1 Peter 2 : 4-5

Team Tameer

Team Tameer

Perspective of Tameer

Tameer is an organisation that fosters new ways of thinking within the Pakistani context and with the Bible as focus. We do this by creative and innovative ciricculum and training development.

Our aim is to be of service to all church members through training sessions focused on church leadership, and women empowerment. 

We also want the church to have a better standard, more knowledge and skills so they are able to make better decisions, analyse the needs and solutions and be disciples of Christ.    

Our approach

Our Mission
Tameer aims to train church leadership in skills needed to fulfil their ministry in an effective way.
By training church leadership in these skills, Tameer is helping to ensure that they are better equipped to address the needs of all church groups and employees within an organisation. This can help to build a stronger sense of community and enable leaders to better serve the people they are responsible for.
Our Vision
The Church follows Christ in the practice of everyday life.

By the Church we mean to say all Christians in Pakistan in all denominations, churches and para- church organisations.
Our Sponsors