Christian Counseling

Module content Counseling and Module Persecution, suffering, selfdefence

In the module Christian Counselling we teach practical issues in Pakistani families, raising children and how to handle grief. Students will look at biblical foundations on who we are and what the needs are of people in different life stages. Students learn skills on how to ask questions, listen and be emphatic. Students will have to study background material for specific counseling issues.

In the module Persecutions, suffering and self defence we look at the what is persecution in history and what does it mean to us?, what is Christian suffering and our attitude towards suffering and as Christians can we defend ourselves when we are attacked by others, or are there borders in Christian self defence? 

Study load Christian Counseling (4 credits)
College-hours: 36 hours
College preparation: 36 hours reading
Councelling practice: 25 hours
Seven assignments: 40 hours (total)
Exam preparation: 25 hours
Exam: 2 hours
Study load Persecution, Suffering and Self Defence (2 credits) 
College-hours: 18 hours
College preparation: 18 hours reading
Assignments: 18 hours (total)
Paper: 25 hours

Christian Counselling Seven assignments based on reflection and practice about what is learned in class.

Persecution, suffering and self defence,  there will be a paper on this of 2000 to 4000 words using the terminology that is used in class and in the reading material 

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