Module content

In this module we will provide the students with skills to teach and guide a church committee, or elders and deacons. To choose the right people for different committees. We also will look at how to run meetings, plan a programme in the church and organise local fundraising. Students will understand the situation of the church and will be able to make a future planning for a year accordingly and will start writing this future planning in class. How to communicate with a team and listening to the team, or listening during meetings is an important part. How to lead a meeting in practice so decisions can be made and how to guide the decision making process.

Lectures, discussion practice in class and assignment.
Study load
College-hours: 30 hours
College preparation: 30 hours reading and reading report
Assignments: 20 hours

Before the module students will read the material, write answers to questions as a guideline with the material.

They will write a one year plan that has all the above elements together with a church team if possible, if not they will need to think about this themselves. Also a school team is possible or any other (small) project they are involved with.

They will have to prepare and plan a meeting, write up the agenda and the minutes as practice.

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Church management