Exegesis 1

Module content

In this module we will provide the students with the historical background and the theological themes in the evangelist, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We will look at the literary context and through practice during the lessons and through assignments students will develop skills in studying the literary context of a passage. Because we look at the evangelist we will pay attention to how to read and explain the meaning of a parable and a narrative. Students will also look at how the NT will use the OT text. The last lessons will cover how to apply the Bible in daily life now and how to make sure this will reflect God’s Word.


Lectures, discussion practice in class and assignments.

Study load
College-hours: 40 hours
College preparation: 30 hours reading
Assignments: 30 hours

Written assignments on exegesis. One is about the NT and the practice of the literary context and historical context. The second is an assignment of the NT evangelist, but we will look at the use of the OT text in the NT and application for now this time.

In both assignments students need to demonstrate the skills they have learned during the module. They will study one bible passage in the whole exegesis module.

The assignments have to be handed over 2 weeks after the end of the module and the result needs to be 5,5 out of 10 points to pass.

Literature Page Cat. H
Getting the message, Doriani, Danial, M
The literary context
Page 33-39 2 2
Sweeter than honey, Cristopher, J H Right
First 4 chapters
Page 218-230
1 3
Angels are longing to see Mark Manuel
Page 21-24
Page 60-62
Page 91-133
1 6