Practical Leadership

Modules leadership and management and Christian ethics

In the module leadership and managements we will provide the students with knowledge on different leadership styles and students will reflect on their own leadership styles. Students will also study, understand, reflect and apply leadership features of Moses and Nehemia. Students will learn communication, delegation and conflict management skills.

In the module Ethics we will teach about Christian and biblical ethics in practice. We think about the question; How do we make ethical choices. Reflection on our lives as pastors or Christian leaders and our personal ethics. 

Lectures, discussion practice in class and assignments.
Study load Leadership and management (3 credits)
College-hours: 30 hours
College preparation: 30 hours reading
Reading assignment: 30 hours essay about the material read
Practical assignment after the module: 25 hours
Study load Christian Ethics (2 credits)
College-hours: 18 hours
College preparation: 18 hours reading
Reading assignment: 18 hours essay about the material read
Practical assignment after the module: 25 hours

Christian Leadership and management.  Students will think about their own church or organisation. Students use the skills they have learned in the lectures and write up an evaluation about their own church, their own leadership style and what they would like to change according to what is learned in the module and how they would like to change this. They need to use the terminology of the module that is taught. 

Ethics module: Students need to reflect on own ethics according to what they have learned after every lesson and they will practice with two case studies. There will be a practical essay in the shape of a case study and students have to relate the case study with the material they have read and learned about