Bible study skill training


Ultimately, by leading Bible study groups, participants can help others develop a stronger relationship with Christ, foster spiritual growth, and encourage the practical application of biblical principles in their own lives and within the broader community.

Participants will acquire the necessary skills to read and understand the Biblical text. They will be taught how to interpret passages within their historical and cultural contexts, honouring the traditions and perspectives of the people living in Biblical times. Moreover, they will be guided in making connections between the Biblical world and their present-day culture, enabling them to apply the teachings of the passage to their own daily lives.

During the course, participants will be encouraged to ask key questions such as what, when, who, and where. Additionally, they will explore the underlying reasons and motivations behind the text, and consider how it can inspire personal growth and bring positive change within their lives, churches, and communities.

Duration: 3 days - 6 hour per days
One refresher after 3 months: 1 day
For whom: Everyone above 18 years
Method: Explanation, discussion and practice
With workbook: Rs. 200