Christian Leadership skill training


In this training, participants are equipped to be leaders who facilitate the growth of others in Christ and help them improve their skills. The emphasis is on developing a servant leadership style and attitude that prioritises the needs and development of others.

Through a servant leadership approach, participants will become leaders who inspire and empower others to grow in their faith and skills. They will learn to create a culture of trust, collaboration, and effective resource management, ultimately fostering the advancement of their church or organisation’s mission.

Throughout the training, participants will engage in self-reflection, reassessing their own leadership style and attitude. They will rekindle their sense of calling and revisit the vision they have for their church or organisation.

Effective communication will be a central focus of the training, as participants learn how to foster trust and create an environment for feedback and growth. They will acquire skills in delegation, organisation, and planning, enabling them to effectively distribute responsibilities and tasks. Furthermore, participants will gain insights into setting communication rules and selecting individuals with the appropriate gifts and Christian attitudes for the tasks at hand.

The training also addresses stewardship by teaching participants how to responsibly manage resources such as money, people, time, and assets. This includes establishing guidelines and regulations to ensure proper accountability.

Duration: 3 days - 8 hour per days
One refresher after 3 months: 1 day
For whom: Church and organisational teams
Method: Explanation, bible studies, practice, roleplay, case studies