Communicating faith training


This training empowers participants to confidently and calmly respond to the questions they encounter in their daily lives, free from fear or frustration. Participants develop the necessary skills to address questions or gracefully decline to answer when appropriate.

The training equips participants with the knowledge of how, when, and where to communicate about their faith, helping them navigate various situations. They learn to discern when to engage in conversations about their beliefs and when it may be more appropriate to step back. Participants discover how questions posed by individuals from different faith backgrounds can be viewed as opportunities for dialogue and understanding, rather than threats. Emphasis is placed on maintaining personal safety and security throughout these interactions.

Participants are guided to adopt an approach that focuses on explaining their faith rather than persuading others. The training encourages participants to provide clear explanations that contribute to a better understanding of their beliefs, developing dialogue and mutual respect.

The training includes a component on cybercrime, educating participants on online safety and how to protect themselves. Participants are taught about the reality of suffering in the lives of Christians. Suffering is understood as a natural part of the Christian journey and should not come as a surprise. This knowledge enables participants to face challenges with resilience and a deeper understanding of their faith.

Duration: 3 days - 6 hour per days
For whom: Teachers and youth leaders
Method: Practice of answering questions, explanation of one's faith and translation of this towards another faith, teaching privacy settings on social media, role play and discussion.
With lesson planning for teachers and youth leaders: Rs 180