Counselling seminars


Overall, these workshops provide a safe and empowering space for women to explore their identity, find healing, and develop the necessary skills to communicate their needs, preferences, and boundaries in a society that respects their worth and individuality.

In these workshops, women learn about their identity in Christ and their intrinsic self-worth. They are encouraged to examine and compare societal norms with biblical truths, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of their true value and purpose. One significant aspect of these workshops is the opportunity for women to process and address the pain they may have experienced. Through open and supportive discussions, women can share their experiences, offer mutual support, and find solace in prayer. Creative activities, such as drawing pictures together, serve as a means for self-expression and healing.

As women engage in these workshops, they gradually discover their inner strength and learn how to express it confidently. They acquire practical skills that empower them to communicate their preferences, negotiate with rickshaw drivers, and establish healthy boundaries in various aspects of their lives. By participating in these workshops, women are equipped to communicate their likes and dislikes effectively, ensuring their voices are heard. They gain the ability to navigate challenging situations with confidence, assert their boundaries, and actively participate in shaping their own lives.

For whom: Women and families
Duration: 10 seminars of 4 hours each
Method: Counselling methods, sharing, role play, own experiences, case studies.
Marriage counselling

Tameer has developed a series on marriages counseling workshops:

  • How to choose a marriage partner(for your children)
  • The meaning of the promise between husband and wife
  • What does it mean to be the head of the family
  • Communication between husband and wife
  • Care for a new couple in a joint family
  • Divorce and children