Listening skill training


The training equips participants with the ability to listen empathetically and guide individuals in their journey to follow Christ. Through specialised listening skill training, participants develop the capacity for attentive and compassionate listening.

During the training, participants learn how to ask open-ended questions that encourage deep reflection and develop problem-solving skills. They understand the importance of avoiding judgement and instead focus on active listening, praying, and providing guidance to those seeking help. Emphasis is placed on taking the time to listen attentively, ensuring that individuals feel heard and understood. Participants are taught to distinguish between reliable information and rumours. Through discernment, misunderstandings can be prevented, conflicts can be diminished, and mutual understanding can be fostered.

Duration: 2 days - 6 hour per days
For whom: Everyone above 16 years
Method: Explanation, biblestudy, practice, roleplay